PET RESCUE BY JUDY IS LOOKING FOR SOME TOP DOGS - 468x60 email [email protected] video by http Are you a Top Dog? Judys Top Dogs are companies and individuals who love pets as much as we do and support our private, nonbreed specific rescue and adoption efforts through their generous donation of 00 or more. They know about the thousands of animals in our local community that desperately need humans to help them find happy, healthy and loving homes. Top Dog Sponsors also know its good for business. Many pet lovers seek out the services of companies who respond to the needs of homeless animals to do business with. With exposure on our website (25000) plus hits per month, prominent display of Top Dog status in our new adoption center and the ability to put your information in the hands of every family that adopts from us (in excess of 1500 per year), sponsors are insured their contribution will pay off in more than just goodwill. And we think goodwill is great too. Sponsor a Kennel . . . Help us Save Lives Pet Rescue By Judy has found a permanent home but we dont have enough money for all the kennels we need. Lets help each other. With your 00 sponsorship we will place a plaque with the name of your choice on a kennel in our new 4000 square foot adoption center in Sanford. You pick the name! It can be company, a child, family name, individual or pet name. PLUS we will provide you, your company or your designee, exposure on our website which gets over 25000 hits per month! Everybody wins

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  2. Can anyone count the number of times that little black puppy wags his tail? I’ve tried, but he’s just too darn fast!

  3. That little puppy is named So Big. You know, “How big’s the puppy? Soooooo big!”

  4. Awesome!

  5. Wow! Look at this:
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