Pet Rescue by Judy’s New Luxuriously Spectacular Cat Room!

HerbsPro video by http During the entire renovation of Judy’s new Adoption Center, it looked like the cats weren’t going to get their windows, and the things that the volunteers needed to create a truly spectacular cat room. At the last minute, donations made this wonderful room possible. Last night was the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Pet Rescue By Judy Adoption Center. Gisele kindly put together this video showing the renovation of the building and Judy’s speech. Thank you to everyone who helped with the building, with items, labor or donations. And a very very special thank you to Jan and Dennis Gudis who caught the vision and made it happen. It is a reality because of your time, talents and labor. You are a blessing to us and the abandoned pets of Central Florida. The number of days, people, and hours, for some full-time, that made all of this come together was a miracle to say the least. Talent, Skill, Creativity, and Dedication is what I see here. Congratulations Pet Rescue by Judy for pulling it off. I think Judy still thinks it’s a dream

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25 comments on “Pet Rescue by Judy’s New Luxuriously Spectacular Cat Room!

  1. Yay!!! I want to come and bring Charlie with us sometime so he can´╗┐ say hello! ­čÖé Where is it located??

  2. Our new´╗┐ Adoption Center is at 2620 Iroquois Avenue in Sanford, FL 32773

  3. doglostflorida

    Great´╗┐ video, xx

  4. ErikEnterprises

    thats awsome!! Too bad i live in ohio or i would come get one´╗┐ (:

  5. This is such an adorable video. Just to look into their eyes while the song is singing´╗┐ of love …. is priceless. Thank you for posting…I will be there to adopt a cat soon. Helene

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