Pet Vaccinations ? Is it worth it?

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People often ponder this question and wonder if pet vaccinations are actually worth it. These are routinely administered at veterinary clinics and also happen to be the topic that is most prone to confusion, poor information and misconception. Here we will try to shed some light on vaccinations and whether or not they are worth it for your pet.

An Overview of Pet Vaccinations – What are they?

Vaccinations are essentially injections of the very diseases the pet is prone to however there are some modifications made to it by the drug manufacturing company. A vaccine stimulates a pet’s immune system to protect itself against the disease. When the antigen enters an animal’s body, it is recognized as a foreign anomaly. This triggers antibodies which are produced to counter and destroy it. After the vaccine is completely eliminated, the antibodies will remember and it will counterattack it more quickly than before, should it strike again.

The Two Types of Pet Vaccinations

There are basically two types of vaccinations namely

Modified Live Vaccine
Killed Vaccine

A killed vaccine is when the virus has been killed before giving any injections. A modified live vaccine is however, the actual disease that is injected into the pet in a very small amount. Once injected, the animal’s immune system will recognize it as a threat and will start working on ways to destroy it by creating antibodies to fight it off. These antibodies tend to typically last for six to twelve months.

Why Pet Vaccinations?

The reasons why pet vaccinations are of utmost importance are because they help fight many life threatening and potentially deadly diseases. Some of the very common ones are as follows.

Distemper: Distemper is a potentially fatal dog disease and a cause of great concern as it can occur in almost 50% of adult dogs. It is also very contagious and can spread fairly quickly.
Rabies: This is a very common disease among dogs. It is caused by a virus which targets the central nervous system of the dog. There are multiple stages of rabies. The third and final stage is fatal.
Kennel Cough: This disease is also very common among animals, particularly in dogs, and revolves around the animal’s respiratory system. It can be easily treated with vaccinations.
Parvovirus: Animal intestines are a very sensitive area and are prone to disease if left unattended. Parvovirus affects the intestinal tract and the heart. Some common symptoms include cough, diarrhea.

Ever since their inception in the 18th century, vaccines have been protecting all species of this planet from harmful viruses and diseases. The world today has made great advancements in the field of pet vaccine and as a result more options are available at our disposal to protect us as well as our pets from life threatening diseases. Pets are an important part of the family and must be given the proper care they deserve. Giving them the vaccines they need to survive and prolong their life is the step in the right direction.

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