Pet Vet PC Version Cheats

Pittman & Davis

Pet Vet (my own personal cheat website) production, presenting the more complicated cheats section of the site. This is messing with the HTML codes from your saved progress to get as as much money on pet vet the original version as you desire. If you have any problems with this cheat contact me by leaving a message on here or my site I will check everything.

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25 comments on “Pet Vet PC Version Cheats

  1. absolutely positive. no it doesnt mess up your computer and no its not really confusing at all.

  2. yeah i know most things dont work but thanks to my brother being a computer scientist i took knowledge from him and found out how to hack into store-bought games.

  3. welcome.

  4. no, it is not possible as far as i know. i will try and find out a hack for it if i can. (:

  5. HorseCrazy71396

    oh my gosh i cant believe this worked!!! thank u soo much this helped alot! 😀

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