Pet Whisperer – “Percy”


I, with great expertise and tact, allow pets to speak to their owners. Please join me for this exciting new series which plunges the audience into a world where pigs can’t exactly fly, but are heartily able to express their desire to do so. Twitter: Music Channel: BlogTv:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 comments on “Pet Whisperer – “Percy”

  1. TheLibertineBoudoir

    “intelligence of nothing” lolololol

  2. did u raise her on lolipos and rainbows? wahahaha
    percy is like sorry for the rest of her life

  3. thenicoleshow

    LOLOL you’re damaged LOLOL love these new series of yours.

  4. oysterinbread

    how much money have you spent on your dvd collection?

  5. SomeTipsForLife

    more than is appropriate

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