Pet World Insider TV Teaser One

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45 Second Teaser clip for Pet World Insider TV. Pet World Insider is a program filled with inside information about the pet world. The pet world is an incredibly large and diverse world filled with many hidden treasures amongst the obvious delights. We want to shine a bright light on all the things that pet lovers need to know and want to know about. The host of Pet World Insider is Robert Semrow, the world renowned pet photograhper know to the public as The Pawtographer. Robert and his team will bring the creativity and expertise that he is known for to share wonderful stories and news about the animls, their people, the products and everything that makes the pet world an interesting and rewarding experience.

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  1. Awesome Rob and Derek !!!

  2. awesome. this vid is incredible

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  4. awesome job

  5. cool video, i really like it::) keep it up

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  7. how did you make this vid?

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    We love it
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