Phillies Chase & Jen Utley “Save A Pet At The Park” for SPCA

Pittman & Davis

Chase and Jen Utley sponsored the second annual “Save A Pet At The Park” at Citizens Bank Park on 6/21/08 where 15 dogs and cats from the Pennsylvania SCPA found new homes. The Phillies Wives hosted the event and held several auctions, raffles and sales with proceeds to benefit the PSPCA. This video covering the event was shown on the “Pinstripes Magazine” show on the CW Philly 57 with host Scott Palmer. Some of the “wives” featured in the piece are JC Romero’s wife, So Taguchi’s wife and Jimmy Rollins’ girlfriend.
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25 comments on “Phillies Chase & Jen Utley “Save A Pet At The Park” for SPCA

  1. Great vid! Such a good story.

    Oh, and everyone, make sure you get involved with either the Phillies or the SPCA – pretty girls seem to come with the jobs.

  2. oh my gawd!!!
    there was a doxie!
    i soooo wish i could’ve taken the doxie home!

  3. So cute! Using sports to help these dogs is such a great idea. Check out our work using sports to affect positive social change— Youth Noise Play City.

  4. im genna kill jennifer so i can marry chase

  5. AWW the wives/gf’s are so sweet!

    I met Jen Utley last spring and she was a sweetheart and she has such a huge, honest and true heart for these animals!

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