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i’mma happy sea xD -iDoNoToWnAuDiO-
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25 comments on “PINK COCKATOO ADOPTION!! :D:D:D

  1. PandaPanda023

    I saw your thread on WI! That was NOT nice of that person… *explodes* I am on your side, do not fear! XD And “Sakura” is an adorable name… AND I want a Pink Cockatoo now, because it looks cute when it’s “standing” in mid-air. 😀

  2. ComputerGeek397

    I saw this on WI. Its not fair. I’m on ur side (:

    Btw I’m katiepup from WI


  3. seasonalwebkinz

    yeah, I made that. I’m Ferret Love. I am incredibly mad. But it kind of makes me happy that someone went that far to use one of my pets. (:

  4. I heard what happened on WI did you tell a mod or admin? thats so not fair

  5. LOLOL!!! It can’t stand!!! XD Is it a glitch? Or do they all not know how to stand? LOL!

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