Precious Baby Protectors Reminds Parents About Summer Child Safety


Precious Baby Protectors Reminds Parents About Summer Child Safety

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 22, 2012

Summer is a season of fun and relaxation. Many things change, including schedules — the bigger kids take a break from school, family outings are set and activities outside of the normal routine increase. With all the excitement, it is easy to overlook and forget about keeping the little ones safe, which is why Precious Baby Protectors, a family-owned and –operated company that specializes in child safety, is reminding parents and guardians about car safety this summer.

“You live by your daily routine, and it helps you get things done,” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website states. “Be extra careful, though, if you have to change any part of that routine. This is more likely to happen when you, your spouse/partner or caregiver who helps with your children forgets that a child is in the back seat. This can and does happen when you break a well-established routine.”

Leaving a child in a car even for a few minutes — even in cooler temperatures — is cause for disaster. The temperature inside the car can rise almost 20 degrees in the first 10 minutes, and children’s bodies overheat more easily than an adult’s. One of the basic measures that can be taken to remember a child is in the car is doing things to remind yourself that the baby is in the vehicle, such as putting your briefcase or bag in the backseat. Also, parents can make a habit of looking at the front and back seats before locking car doors.

When taking the little one with you, whether on a short ride or a long trip, it is important to have a car seat that keeps him or her safe. Precious Baby Protectors, a company that has 21 years of experience dedicated to keeping children safe, has a team of specialists who can help find the right one. The specialists are highly qualified and trained with the International Association for Child Safety, an organization dedicated to keeping children safe in all environments.

“At Precious Baby Protectors, we design complete solutions which can save you time, money and protect your child better in the long run,” said Rick Leviton, of Precious Baby Protectors. “Our experience helps you reduce the chance of accidents to your child by identifying potential hazards you might have never known existed.”

To learn more about safeguarding children, contact Precious Baby Protectors for a consultation or an evaluation at 281-438-4670 or go online at

About Precious Baby Protectors

Precious Baby Protectors understands the concern of parents in protecting their children. Its comprehensive program combines home safety solutions and parental education to provide a safe, nurturing environment where children can grow and explore securely. Its lineup of safety products includes bathroom safety items, baby and pet gates, cabinet locks, door locks, fireplace guards, and outlet safety covers. Home evaluations and installations are performed by Precious Baby Protectors’ child safety specialists trained by the International Association for Child Safety.


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