Purina for my dog?

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Question by lallis29: Purina for my dog?
I used to feed my dog with Pedigree and some human-food. But the ////// president of my country (Vzla) had the idea of fabricating our own pet food (wich sucks), so we don’t import anymore and the onyl food available here is Purina and some weird “dog food” tha smells like plastic. I’m defintely not feeding her with the “plastic food”, but i heard that Purina had an accident that made a lot of dogs die,,,,,is that still happening? Should i feed my dog with Purina or make her a diet with human-food (meat,vegetables,,etc.)??

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Answer by Mutt Mommy
I would make my dogs food before I would feed them Purina. You should do research first though to ensure that your dog is getting a balanced diet.

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  1. Majestik moose© (envies DP)

    cooking food isn’t anybetter than feeding purina, as cooking removes most if not all the nutrients your dog needs. You can feed raw, which is the best, and cheaper that a million supplements because you cooked the food.
    No grains, no veggies. Dogs are NOT omnivores,, they are true carnivores, and in the wild do NOT eat plant matter.
    Feed raw meaty bones, muscle meat, and organ meat. My dogs get chicken backs(which have all 3, bones, organs and meat), poultry necks, ground beef, whole rabbits, ground up rabbits, ck breasts, chicken quarters(wings, thighs), beef marrow bones, lamb bones….the list goes on.

  2. I have fed my dogs Purina for many years.
    Purina to the best of my knowledge was not on htis list of recalled food that affected many dogs and killed many.
    If you choose to make your own food please make sure it is nutritionally an well balanced ( talk to your vet about this)

  3. 1. Pedigree OR Purina Pro Plan are mediocre dog food. Go to the website below and you can check for yourself. Using a 1-6 star rating, both Pedigree and Purina Pro Plan rate 1 star (while much better, higher quality foods like Inova Evo and Solid Gold Barking at the Moon rate 6 stars).

    2. It’s important to understand what determines if a dog food is good. Fillers (such as grains and corn) are bad. They add no nutrition and promote allergies. So you want food that has no corn and no wheat and other grains (barley, rice) aren’t listed at the top. You want foods with relatively higher protein and fat ratios (protein of 15% or higher, fat of 10% or higher). To give you and idea, my dog competes in performance activities (agility) and typically eats food with protein levels as high as 45% and fat levels as high as 35%. So look at the back of the bag of food and read the ingredients and ratios.

    3. The BARF diet is a good one if you’re willing to take the time to prepare your dog’s food.

    4. Regardless of what you feed your dog, it’s always important to change the food (switch brands, provide variety). This is critical to help avoid allergies.

    5. If you can’t get food within your country and look at ordering it through the mail. Lots of quality foods like Solid Gold can be ordered through the mail or you can go through pet supply ordering houses as well.

  4. I think you should feed it Purina. Anyway if you feed it human food she might get sick. Peace out!

  5. Carrie O'Labrador

    I’ve never heard that Purina made lots of dogs die. It wasn’t involved in the pet food recall if that is what you are thinking of.

    If you feed Purina, try to get Purina Pro Plan. That is their best formula. Purina One is a little worse, and Puppy Chow and Dog Chow is pretty bad. Some people don’t like any type of Purina, but Purina Pro Plan is not that bad, IMO.

    If you can’t find Pro Plan, you might want to think about feeding a raw diet. You can google it to learn more about it. I would definitely feed raw food if my only other choice was a plastic smelling one!

  6. I would feed my dog a raw diet before feeding Purina, however it can be better than Pedigree..Yuck..

    Read about the BARF diet and go raw. It has done wonders for my dogs all 8 of them. I have never seen them in such great condition. Do lots of reading on the topic. In the long run a raw diet will save you tons of money on dog food.



  7. Purina is fine, there are websites that list all the recall foods, I don’t remember Purina being one of them but it’s worth checking.

  8. I’m with MuttMommy make your own. Search for dog food recipes. You’re sure to find loads.

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