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Nylonase: Italian wall lizards: Transitional fossils: Enjoy!
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  1. Another good video. Thanks.

  2. That is a huge issue for many theists… the idea that there are things that we don’t know… Being able to fill the holes in with “god” is comforting. It’s also comforting to believe you can be the biggest douche bag ever and give yourself over to god on your death bed and all will be forgiven. Yes, I know not all theists believe that, but many do it seems.

  3. samuraispacemonkey

    I disagree completely! While Die Hard does take place at Christmas time it is hardly a Christmas movie. I would consider Gremlins more of a Christmas movie as it is more of a central part to the plot line…

  4. AncientAtheist

    My theory is that people *only* believe in god so that they can be immoral.

    You see, according to Christianity, we are naturally evil, but we can be “saved”. By naturally evil, this excuses any horrid act, as long as one repents afterward. So you can be as immoral as you like with this in mind! 🙂

  5. Most gentlemanly pwnage!

    happy christmas lovely *hugs*

  6. Merry christmas mate. Yours, confused and equally bewildered at times. Hope you have a better one. Rob 🙂

  7. Come on! It has ‘Christmas in Hollis’ by RUN DMC, ‘Let it snow! Let it snow Let it snow’ over the end of the film while McClane and his wife walk away and it starts snowing! Die Hard 2 is also good. 😛

  8. Happy Christmas to you too Jess *hugs* 🙂

  9. That reminds of an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ when a faith healer tells Bart about how he changed his wicked ways and Bart says he’s going for the life of sin followed by the presto chango death bed repentance. 😛

  10. I don’t know should be a good thing though, it means there are more things to discover, more journeys to make! Making god the answer puts a stop to that.

  11. You’re welcome. 😛

  12. You too mate. 🙂

  13. Heads together whilst holding hands! 🙂

  14. AncientAtheist

    Exactly! Bart nailed it.

    Hey, man… Happy Holidays. Hope you have some fun at whatever you celebrate. If you indulge… indulge a little extra for me! 😉

  15. Happy holidays to you too!

    Haha, I think I’ll be doing enough endulging for quite a few people. 😛


  17. LesFarrington

    your awesome. God Bless you…OOPPS SORRY…that might be a curse based on the stories of those who GOD CHOSE as FAVORITES?
    ask them this…is God All knowing? if not then he is not GOD.
    if so then why would he sadistically torture Abe and Isaac? could he not have read ABES MIND? i for one would rather believe that ABE WAS SUFFERING FROM MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER if anything.

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