Re: Courage Fail

Pittman & Davis

This black guyziz is such a wussy girlziz!
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25 comments on “Re: Courage Fail

  1. lool at Artem1002s’ comment

  2. ku7gcnku7gcnku7gcn

    you fucking asshole, your voice is retarted!!!!!!
    please go die in a hole!

  3. This is the reason why people kill themselves. Because of fat ass steriotypical americans. You make me want to kill.

    And fail at your home of the free and home of the brave. Its Land of the free and home of the brave,

    5 dollars says you dont know your own countries anthem. if you cant get that single FUCKING line right.
    Please go to the gym and kill yourself.

  4. are u the son of Josef Fritzl? or are u just that isolated from other people that you dont know what the fuck your talking about…
    this video would’ve been alot more fun if we were only looking at your mom’s furniture and not you… too bad you cover the entire screen…

    thanks, bye

  5. jamaicancloud

    1 star

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