Rescue Ink saves pets! Live from the Super Pet Expo with Cute Pet Gazette

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Welcome to a new season of Cute Pet Gazette’s “How Cute Is Your Pet”!!!!!!! Joe Panz, Big Ant, Johnny O, and company understand that action, education, and advocacy mean everything. Rescue Ink has big changes in store so stay tuned. Go to to learn more about how you can help in your town and see them in person!! ps…..go to their website and tell them that Ralph should be in the Ink. No vote needed. Thanx again Rescue Ink and see ya soon……
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13 comments on “Rescue Ink saves pets! Live from the Super Pet Expo with Cute Pet Gazette

  1. wtf is wrong with the interviewer…

  2. CutePetGazette

    I agree. This guy is the sickest person I have ever met! Now…..that having been said….you got to get on camera with this guy. He is SICK! He will be at the NYC Pet Show next Saturday May 22nd 2010!

    GET ON FILM!!!!!!!

    ps….I’m bad not terrible?! lololol

  3. Joe looks pretty pissed by the interviewer

  4. CutePetGazette

    lololol That man looks pissed ALL the time!!!! He has to deal with people who harm pets on a daily basis. I’m unsure how I would look if that was my cause? Kenneth Andrew Bell wants you to give any amount you can to Rescue Ink…and make Joe smile! That’s why he did this interview. Every dollar is appreciated. Give just $1 dollar today and you can save a pets life. ps….Joe was extremely kind along with the entire gang. Give today a feel great!

  5. these guys are doing an amazing jobs…God bless them and please donate as much as u can.

  6. Since this guys are against inflicting pain to animals i wonder when they are going to raid the local lobster restaurant or if they are going to voicot silk and exterminator companies. All this activities cause great pain to those animals. I wonder what these guys consider an animal since they obviously don’t consider all animals the same. I wonder if they care for the voice of the chicken, pork or beef they take to there mouth and eat and ask themselves it those animals wanted to die

  7. DO you think they care for all the animals that lost their natural habitat and died of starvation because cotton had to be grown so these guys could make a buck out of the t-shirts? So what is animal abuse? Are all animals protected or is it a random thing? This guys say that they are against the pain inflicted to animals yet i doubt they care for the pain they cause when they crush a roach or have the exterminator over.

  8. well, what i have seen on dr. phil’s show, i know they care because they have saved so many pets from mistreating… they can’t save all creatures but at least they have saved so many from evil people mistreating their pets and i say good on them…we need more people like them.

  9. you should read their book, they also rescued pigs ducks horses and more. l believe they don’t intend to rescue animals raised for human consumption. There are a lot of tree huggers out there that need to get a life but l believe these guys are doing the right thing.

  10. I thought that they didn’t want to people to inflict pain on animals; so it’s ok to inflict the greatest pain to an animal if your going to eat it but not if you have it as a pet. That is just so silly. I wonder how much money they are making or do they do it for free?

  11. whatgoesaround1000

    Too bad they arent even a NON PROFIT NOW.per what was once their website:Please be advised that Rescue Ink will no longer be accepting donations as a 501(c)3 organization and a decision was made to close the Rescue Ink Foundation. In the interest of helping the animals and addressing abuse, we request that any donations you would have provided the Rescue Ink Foundation be given to a reputable 501(c)3 organization which will use the monies accordingly and are approved by the US Government.

  12. BigThickHardD


  13. AnotherAnonTroll

    This so called “rescue group” intimidate and bully other smaller rescue organizations, steal their cases and information, and claim it as their own. They use legal and physical threats and then bury them in legal trouble to keep them quiet. They only do one or two legitimate rescues, only for publicity, wasting taxpayers money. They may rescue a few, but they do WAY more damage than good, and keep animals in poor condition. They are NOT non-profit, to hide the books/money from the public.

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