Royal Canin Delivers Fifteen Tons of Free Cat Food to Area Animal Shelters

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Royal Canin Delivers Fifteen Tons of Free Cat Food to Area Animal Shelters

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) August 12, 2005

Royal Canin (, a pet food company with its U.S. headquarters in St. Charles Mo., today completed delivery of more than 15 tons of free cat food to six St. Louis-area animal shelters and rescue groups. This Saturday, the shelters will use the food as the main incentive of a regional adoption drive. Each shelter will offer a year’s worth of free Royal Canin food with every adoption.

The free food is part of a 60-ton surplus Royal Canin plans to donate throughout the Midwest. The donation and adoption event idea arose after Royal Canin recently changed the packaging for its entire cat food line.

“All the food is new; it’s just in the outdated packaging,” explains Ann Hudson, director of marketing for Royal Canin. “Still, it turned out to be a good problem to have. It gave us a reason to donate a significant amount of food and to provide shelters and rescue groups with a great incentive to encourage adoptions.”

Six shelters, including St. Louis City’s Animal Center, the Granite City Animal Protection Association (APA), the Franklin County Humane Society, the St. Charles Humane Society, the Open Door Animal Sanctuary and the Cat Network are all hoping the year’s worth of food will lead to a wave of adoptions on Saturday.

“We think it’s a great offer and may be enough to entice some people who have wanted to adopt a cat, but just haven’t taken that step,” says Jill Allen, shelter manager for the St. Charles Humane Society. “We’re especially hopeful that this will encourage people to adopt some of the adults we have in our care, so many of which would make great pets and deserve good homes. By offering a year’s worth of food, we’re trying to make adoping a cat of any age as easy and rewarding as possible.”

Allen is also excited about the other part of Royal Canin’s donation. In addition to providing food to be sent home with each adoption, the company donated enough food to feed all the cats within the shelter’s care for approximately one year. The St. Charles Humane Society is home to approximately 41 adult cats and 28 kittens.

“We wanted to make sure that each shelter had enough cat food, regardless of how many cats or kittens it adopted out on Saturday, to meet its needs for about one year,” says Hudson. “In some cases, some shelters had to scale back based on their ability to store the food, but all of them should have enough food to last quite a while.”

Storage wasn’t a big issue for Allen, which requested 4,000 pounds of food. “We cleared out space within our basement so that we could take enough food to last throughout the year.”

To qualify for a year’s worth of food, individuals simply need to adopt a cat or kitten, following the normal adoption guidelines and processes of each shelter. The shelters will then give each new adoptee approximately 42 pounds of the right formula for their new pet. Each shelter has adequate supplies of kitten, adult, mature and light food to provide new cat owners, as well as some specialty formulas, such as sensitive stomach. Royal Canin used industry guidelines to estimate a year’s worth of food. Those guidelines indicate that an average cat will eat approximately three and one half pounds of food per month, or 42 pounds per year.

“Based on those guidelines, our donation should feed approximately 700 St. Louis-area cats for one year, not to mention help their owners save some money on cat food,” adds Hudson.

Individuals interested in adopting a cat can call Royal Canin at 1-800-592-6687, visit its Web site at or contact one of the six participating shelters.

About Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a leading worldwide supplier of nutritional pet foods. Ongoing research and innovations in health nutrition have been at the heart of our company’s mission since its establishment in 1967. Since then, Royal Canin has grown to include research and distribution centers in England, France, Australia, South America and the United States. To learn more about Royal Canin products, receive detailed information on pet nutrition, or read articles of interest regarding dogs and cats, call 1-800-592-6687 or visit their web site at

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