RSPCA Video – Adopting a pet from the RSPCA

Pittman & Davis

Thinking of getting a pet? Watch this short film to find out how you could give a new home to an animal in need.
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12 comments on “RSPCA Video – Adopting a pet from the RSPCA

  1. i would love to adopt a dog but i have two dogs and i think it is unfair to have any more then i cant play and take them for walks better maybe when i am a bit older i may get another dog as i am 14 years and have cf so having dogs helps me more than cats and other animals.
    do you answer questions?

  2. bubblykittypuppy

    i dnt knw abt rspca but i knw 1 animal charity that only lets u get a cat if uve got a gardennot a yard what does that matter cats roam and they r not stupid they should be grateful people r helping and taking cats and on top of that all animal charities ask for a minimum 60 pound donation im sure this is mre than nutering/spaying jabs etc its a good donation but i think thats what puts people off

  3. AnimalManSam88

    is there a clip from the southall cattery you got their?

  4. Looks like mainly Millbrook with some Leybourne.

  5. If you don’t take a pet from the rspca chances are it will be put down.

  6. Well its all there in the RSPCA Annual review for 2007 Trustees and Financial report (on the RSPCA web site). If the people cared about animals perhaps they should of investigated the people who pay the that former TV presenter as their CHIEF vet!! And ask why an organisation who had access to over £320 million pounds in one year still destroys over 7,500 dogs…now that is a dogs story that should be exposed.

  7. well said lehlam every word is the truth hopefully a tory mp is going to take this up in the house

  8. Battersea dogs and cats home are brilliant.

  9. PsychoGirlHere

    I got two cats and two rabbits from the RSPCA. I love them all so much, it’s definitely worth rescuing them rather than going to a pet shop ^.^

  10. is there rspca in usa ?

  11. Hi Jorja, no there is no RSPCA in USA, but their equivilent to us is ASPCA.

  12. i got my dog from the RSPCA and love my dog and my cousin works dor rspca animal rescue suad

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