Savannah Cats in the News – Fox 13 Tampa

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Savannah cats as featured on Fox 13 Tampa News. Aired 7/1/05.
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24 comments on “Savannah Cats in the News – Fox 13 Tampa

  1. Well, not all breeders are bad. (At least foxalbiazul’s fox breeder isn’t…) Anyway, BCR does give a lot of misinformation about Savannah Cats, such as calling them exotic when the USDA defines a domestic/exotic hybrid as domestic.

  2. I beg your pardon, I was trying to reply to him. >_>

  3. Huh? Do you expect them to just give them away for free?

    The whole “nature never intended” thing in the video was stupid…It’d be like saying nature didn’t intend us to have cars, medicine, dogs, cats, horses, cattle, etc. Nature doesn’t “intend” for anything.

    Then again the people at Big Cat Rescue are a bunch of morons.

    Its also stupid how in some places they’re illegal, but it would be legal to have a black lab or husky, which could easily maul or kill someone…

  4. “The more pressing question seems to be, should people create something that Nature never intended?”

    Isn’t that a bit of a stupid question, considering that every domestic dog, including the chihuahua, were bred bred ouf of the wolf?

    I seriously doubt nature intended that.

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