Savannah Cats in the News – Fox 6 San Diego

Pittman & Davis

Savannah Cats as featured on Fox 6 San Diego News. [The audio is out of sync due to YouTube’s crappy file conversion process to FLV format]

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  1. yellowwheelcar

    @hockeyplaya44 I know that cats can’t fly you know. Hehehehe why would you think that I think that cats can fly! Do you think I’m that stupid. I’m smarter than you think and just because I’m younger than you doesn’t mean I’m “dumber” in any way. It’s weird how people always try to reply in a “smartass” way and think that the opponent wouldn’t reply back. Looks like you’re being more defensive than I am dude.

  2. yellowwheelcar

    @hockeyplaya44 And if you actually read my comment properly you would know that when I mean EVERYONE I mean me as well. So think before you reply. And you know you didn’t actually hurt my feelings, you actually ENCOURAGED me to reply to you! And if you read what you said you will see that you were a bit offended there.

  3. hockeyplaya44

    @yellowwheelcar hahaha that was weak….

  4. yellowwheelcar

    @hockeyplaya44 Seriously? That’s all you can come up with? Hahahahahahahaha that was weak!

  5. hockeyplaya44

    @yellowwheelcar You literally just copied me…little kids these days.

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