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Save A Paw, Don’t Declaw!

Image by Feral Indeed!
It’s like cutting off the tips of your fingers.

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8 comments on “Save A Paw, Don’t Declaw!

  1. Vegan Butterfly

    I really like that image!
    Anyone who places a couch above a cat shouldn’t care for a cat. Get a toy stuffed cat or something. Cats shouldn’t have to suffer for human materialism!

  2. What’s more important – your cat’s welfare or your furniture? If the second, consider another pet (goldfish?). Declawed animals do end up in shelters some times – so if you must, adopt one from there instead.

    Having said that, the few declawed cats I’ve encountered didn’t seem to have any personality or other problems; not that I’m doubting the above statements. It’s just not right to mutilate animals for human convenience.

  3. ♥Twoponys ♥

    My cat Midnight, when he is spooky, has scratched me pretty badly a few times.Just the other night, he got out of the house, and I thought how having his claws would probably save his skin! Our pets need thier claws,and after reading the article,I’d never consider declawing!

  4. yes thank goodness imm based in england jezz dose it still go on there need a big press spread and pettion , id say, gee apart from the sheer unessary [cosmetic act] its totaly irreverseable, like inability to climb an it must effect there confidence of secure balance to say nothing of the horrendous pain oh i feel so sick now,p,

  5. Thank you, Jane, for a comment from someone who knows what she’s talking about.

    Unbelievably, I have received replies from a few in the veterinary profession who say that I’m exaggerating, that the procedure is almost always successful, relatively painless and altogether benign.

    If that were true, then why have two dozen countries outlawed it? How do they account for photos of cats with mangled feet, to say nothing of those cats that have to be put down because of the irreversible trauma done to their feet in the name of convenience?

    With the Animal Welfare Act of 2006, the United Kingdom outlawed declawing, and explicitly prohibited interference with the sensitive tissues or bone structure of the animal, except for the purposes of medical treatment. Even before the 2006 Act, however, declawing was extremely uncommon; few people had ever seen a declawed cat. Almost every British vet regards the procedure cruel, refusing to perform it except on medical grounds. The Guide to Professional Conduct of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons stated that declawing was acceptable only where, in the opinion of the veterinary surgeon, injury to the animal is likely to occur during normal activity. It is unacceptable if carried out for the convenience of the owner. Removal of the claws, particularly those which are weight bearing, to preclude damage to furnishings, is unacceptable.


  6. As HAIRLOVER said – this is a great message!
    And just as you said Feral Indeed, it is like cutting
    off the tips of your fingers.

    I used to work as a Vet Assistant when I was younger,
    and let me tell you, declawing is NOT pretty. Fortunately,
    I never had to assist with that procedure, but they remove
    part of the muscle/knuckle of the paw too, not just the claws.

    I saw a cat in the animal hospital after being declawed. The
    cat was clearly in so much pain, he somehow managed
    to rip off some of his bandages and was bleeding all over.
    It was so sad and it broke my heart to see that cat like that.

    Plus by doing that to cats, it takes away their natural instincts
    to scratch and mark their territory. If people don’t want their
    furnniture to get torn up, they either need to learn how to trim
    their cats nails, which is painless for them if done properly,
    or get another pet!

    Anyway, sorry if I went on a mini rant here, but declawing is
    something I’m very against! Just last night, I uploaded a pic
    of my cat and I together, and you can see part of her nails in
    the picture, and I included a tag – "anti-declawing".

    Anyway, as I said, this is a great design and message too!
    I hope people will consider their own cats feelings over their furniture!

    Have a wonderful weekend Feral Indeed! 🙂

    – Jane

  7. Thanks, Feral Indeed, for your kind permission to use this image. I have just posted it to fifteen cat-lover groups, in my "Please Don’t Declaw Your Cat" discussion threads. All of them link back to Feral Indeed.

    I will be glad to add the thread to any of your groups.

    Thanks again, and keep up the good fight..


  8. This is a wonderful message. You might find the following helpful. It’s from a discussion thread I started elsewhere.

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