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This video is about rescuing dogs in the south and bringing them to the northeast United States to find them loving homes.
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12 comments on “Save A Pet – Crossing Paths – A Lesson in Compassion

  1. What a beautiful testament to the wonderful job “Save a Pet” and “Crossing Paths” have done together! Thank you!

  2. Great video, Great job/ effort in saving these great dogs/pups./ and givin them a chance at LIFE!! Chuck & Sharon S. (Come ON . wookie!)

  3. Is Palen or Pal one of the doggies in this vid?? Great job guys!! We can’t wait to get her home!

  4. Great job Crossing Paths! We highly recommend C.P. to all lookin to adopt . ! Our pupper Wookie is everything & MORE that C.P. promised/described being miles away. Transport was on time & C.P took great care of ALL the pups /dogs in transit! We’ll be back for another !! We love our Wooker! Thanks again! Happy Holidays to all of you!! Chuck & Sharon U. Bucks Pa.

  5. theres my patty!! i love my dog and its all thanks to you guys at Crossing Paths!!!!

  6. I have 6 rescued pets, the one I got from Save a pet, named him Alabama, a cattle dog mix, is an unbelievable dog, minds with very little need for training, only dog I ever had better was my first a Golden who practically could read my mind….thank you Mary, for saving the live of so many dogs…and cats.

  7. Hi Linda,
    This is a great video. I think the 2nd dog is my Moses. He is doing so well. He is about 75 pounds and is slightly bigger than his adopted older brother Toby. They get along great. He is such a love muffin.
    I can’t say enough good things about the adoption process. He came to me healthy and happy. You do a great job. Thank you to all the workers.. Alabama, transport and here in Pa. I highly recommend this organization and would use them again to adopt an animal.

  8. mustangpalmer91

    Beautiful Video MANS BEST FRIEND

  9. got my second doggie from save apet…Gem…Pom/ mix..another awesome dog….people need to can get absolutely stunning mix breed dogs at shelters…as you save a life.

  10. We got our little girl cardigan corgi, Bugsy, from Crossing Paths thru Save-a-pet. She is a great pup and gets along well with our other dog and kids. These are 2 great organizations. I highly recommend them!

  11. i hope they ALL got adopted

  12. We are in the process of adopting a dog and hands down, Save a Pet and their team mates in Alabama have been the most responsive, friendly and informative group I have been in contact with. I thank you all for your service, you all make a wonderful difference in this world.

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