Scorpion Buying & Care : How to Buy a Pet Scorpion

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Scorpions can be bought online or in pet stores. Research online sellers. Check scorpions in the pet store for girth, eating habits, missing legs, tail damage and damage to the carapace with tips from a pet industry worker and exotic pet enthusiast in this free video on pet care. Expert: Cordell Jaques Bio: Cordell Jaques has worked in the pet industry for about 10 years. Filmmaker: Travis Waack

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  1. @FiestyCat86 I hope i didn’t sound like a jerk. I wasn’t trying to be superior, just helpful. 😀

  2. @zenvidar Nah, not at all, I thank you for putting me right, I hate it when people put false info out there like its truth, id rather be corrected than dead wrong. : )

  3. How the fuck do they ship a scorpion to your home?

  4. Hey guys. Since the stinger is so huge, how much does the actual penetration hurt when it strikes you? Like a needle prick or a deep pin prick?

  5. Y would you want a Scorpion? I mean in Texas their considered a pest and they have a nasty stinger!! If I saw one I’d be tryin to kill it not hold it!!

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