Secrets to Dog Training Helps Countless Owners Reign in Misbehaving Pets


Secrets to Dog Training Helps Countless Owners Reign in Misbehaving Pets

Secrets of Dog Training

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) June 07, 2012

Secrets of Dog Training review has finally been released by Ben Danson.

Dog obedience training can be a daunting and complicated task. That’s why Daniel Stevens, one of the leading voices in animal obedience has released his popular training program “Secrets to Dog Training” as an instantly downloadable e-book.

Secrets to Dog Training has helped thousands of dog owners find the peace of mind that comes with having a well-trained pet that doesn’t bark, jump or chew through everything in sight.

Visit Daniel’s official site here for all the details.

Now that Stevens is releasing his popular program as an e-book, dog owners can get instant access to the detailed guide, complete with an added video series and seven free bonus items.

The 260 page book itself addresses 25 of the most common dog behavioral problems and provides step-by-step instructions to help owners overcome those issues. Stevens is also offering a 30 minute video program that shows the training working in real-time.

Members also have unlimited access to dog behavior consultations with the Secrets to Dog Training team in a specialized forum area designed exclusively for members. The six-day course has helped more than 220,000 dog owners solve their pets’ behavioral issues.

Stevens says his program is the most comprehensive dog obedience training program will teach normal pet owners how to implement dog training exercises just like a professional trainer. He says owners will be provided with the tools to treat specific behaviors or multiple issues.

In his book, Stevens takes on several conventional dog training techniques that routinely fail, such as using the word “come” to correct of discipline a pet. Readers will learn more about the way dogs associate certain words and how often owners send confusing mixed messages to their pets.

For those that are ready to buy the program can visit Stevens official site here.

He also tackles relationships with other dogs and teaches the most effective way to break up dog fights and how to keep dogs from being aggressive toward other canines.

To learn more about Daniel Stevens’ Dog Training Secrets or to become a member, people can go to the main website here.

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