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Silly Pet Stuff

Image by mtsofan
Day two hundred thirty-one/365. My secretary works a second job in a pet supply place. A dog lover herself, she tells of her amazement at what people purchase for their pets. Costumes, silly toys, dog strollers . . .there’s a fortune being made in marketing frivolous pet stuff.

In this photo are pom-poms (for want of a better name) to shake for a cat. Cute, but won’t something simpler do? Cats seem to love stray material that’s already in your house.

Jay Leno often holds up ads for pet costumes and insists, "Your dog is not going to wear this!"

Pets add quality to our lives, in many ways. Do silly products enhance that quality? What does it say about our culture, that there is a strong market for them, even when we cannot afford gas?

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  1. Yes, I didn’t think of that. Anthropomorphism is a good point!

  2. People seem to have a need to anthropomorphise – and animals certainly do have a personality and need to feel like part of the family and as such deserve to be treated well. But this stuff is really too much!

  3. I didn’t know if the manager would be upset that I was taking photos inside the store, so I just slipped it onto "automatic" and took the picture quickly!

  4. Great colors. Which settings did you use?

  5. ha ha…cute and colorful photo..hope you had a nice day off

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