Sims 2 The Pets – rare breeds

Pittman & Davis

In this video i will be showing you the breeds i have created , firstly i believe it is important for you to know that i am playing on the ps2 not the pc and that rather than giving you a long boring tutorial video i will display some pictures of the wildlife animal than i will give the code for the animals look-a-like. Also i might need ti mention that the text for the 1st half of the video is a little fast so the pictures in result may be wrong however just read the text and you’ll be fine. If there are any questions or complications then contact me via personal message or of course comment , speaking of which plz i beg of u to comment rate and subscribe if you want to see the next installment of rare breeds !
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3 comments on “Sims 2 The Pets – rare breeds

  1. TwistyLove7797

    Here , I will give your first comment. HI! and good job, but you should really show it.

  2. whens the next video this amazing

  3. tnecnivnetnallav

    lol the next video xD well…this game stopped working so prolly never lol but i might get sims 3 the pets for the 360 and see what i could do there…but until then if u like my chemical romance ive been uploading lyrical vids…although my progress is very slow on that considering im balancing those photoshop work, school, and ofcourse wasting many hours playing my newly aquired copy of fallout 3 thnx to friend….im what ud call a procrastinator

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