Small Pets : How to Care for Pet Gerbils


Taking care of pet gerbils means providing a good cage, such as a metal cage or an aquarium cage. Find out how to get the right bedding for a pet gerbil that likes to burrow withhelp from the manager of a pet store in this free video on pet gerbils. Expert: Ashlee Bio: Ashlee has been the manager of Pet Planet in Riverton, Utah for the last three years. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

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25 comments on “Small Pets : How to Care for Pet Gerbils

  1. Dumb fuck!!!! She has 4 gerbils in the same cage thats TOO small!!!! They don’t have anywhere too run :(. Idk y i bother to keep watching these videos, they arent useful at all!

    BTW nice acne >:p

  2. delilahbabygirl

    @mileybo1 calm down, the gerbils look fine and im sure most of them will be bought soon. and its *not* her fault about the acne, so give her a break

  3. Those gerbils don’t look very happy. The general rule is 1 gerbil per five gallons….unless you get an attached top that has different levels…

  4. spacequadrant

    They’re so cute! Nice video added it to my lens

  5. She’s like “You can feed them certain fruits but we’re not going to tell you which….look it up on the Internet!” Yeah thanks, this vid is crap.

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