Snowball on the CBS Sunday Morning News Show

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Bird Lovers Only Rescue is home to Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo (R). Bird Lovers Only is a 501c3 not for profit rescue and sanctuary which takes in unwanted, neglected, and abused parrots. You may receive t-shirts, DVDs, and other items in return for your tax-deductible donations by visiting the Bird Lovers Only site. Snowball and Irena Schulz can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and My Space. You may contact Irena Schulz directly at [email protected] Please be sure to visit our blog where we feature much information on Snowball and his research http Visit Snowball on FACEBOOK:

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25 comments on “Snowball on the CBS Sunday Morning News Show

  1. Snow: Lookin good!! The scientists are finally catching on to what we bird lovers have known for years. Rock on, feathered one.

  2. Nice, just plain nice

  3. Nice, just plain nice.


  5. I saw this about a week ago. He shows new dances in this video. It’s incredible how he creates these new moves. Very creative and talented bird!

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