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Question by What.. EVER: So what do you all think about Purina being a sponser of Yahoo Answers now?
I think it’s very sad because many seeking answers on healthy food for their pets will be fooled into thinking brands like Purina are healthy but really are very unhealthy and junk food. To see what really is in pet food, and know about pet nutrition, don’t trust a company that makes millions off it’s cheap processed stuff and has much to gain in misleading people, rather look up: “The Truth About Pet Food” and “What’s Really in Pet Food”.

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Answer by Bri
Agreed, but what can we do, but inform them.

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  1. For ever in my Heart

    I never fed my dog purina but thanks for the update always good to know things. and good you posted this to help perhaps new dog owners or someone who hasn’t heard about it.

  2. Yahoo Answers isn’t a service “provided” by Purina. It’s a place for Purina to advertise and reach their target market (dog owners). They’re not here to bring you a free service, they’re here to get their ads in front of your face, repeatedly. The more a person is exposed to an advertising message, the more likely they are to act on it.

    For every one of us here that would never consider feeding Purina, there are probably 50 who would. This is why they “sponsor” the site. A sponsorship is just a method of advertising, and making people think you are doing them a favor (making you more loyal to their brand).

    Yahoo Answers was CREATED for the purpose of bringing in advertising money to Yahoo (and it works).

  3. Ava Girl * has purebred vigor

    I actually didn’t notice they were sponsors…
    It doesn’t really affect much. Seeing Purina on Yahoo is no different from people seeing the ads on TV.
    I don’t think that Purina is a good product but that’s because I have gone & done my own research about dog diet. Other dog owners are beginning to do the same, even as they see these advertisements from crap food companies.

  4. Like others have said, because they sponsor this site, we are able to use this site.
    Because they provide us this free service, we are able to voice information on other brands of food, or even against Purina.
    It certainly does not force Purina on anyone. I doubt anyone is going to form the opinion that is is good food based solely on the advertisements here. In the end, it is still the responsiblity of the consumer to do their own research and not rely on advertisments, regardless of what they are for or where they are found. We are all old enough (or should be) to know that the advertising seen here is bought and paid for.
    They do nothing to influence the information here.
    Now, if anti- Purina posts were banned, I would have a problem.

    While I am not going to get into the great food debate, that is your opinion on Purina. I have my own. We are all entitled to our opinions.
    I would like to say that some dogs do very well on Purina. I believe TJ posted an answer the other day where Uno (the Champion Beagle) is fed Purina. The Police K9s here are fed Purina ProPlan. All of these dogs are expensive and have a lot of time and money invested in them.

    @Jennifer M – LOL I wonder.

    @Tasha, yes, I didn’t realize that an opinion could be wrong. The question asks “what do you think”. I guess we aren’t allowed to think differently than the majority.

  5. To be honest, it doesn’t really bother me. I doubt a few Purina ads here and there are going to sway anyone one way or the other, especially considering the fact that TV and magazines are loaded with Purina ads and have been for years. If someone is going to be “fooled into thinking brands like Purina are healthy” just because of a few ads on Yahoo! Answers, they would be easily convinced of the same thing next time they turned on their TV, opened a magazine, or walked into a pet store, anyway. If you don’t bother to do your own research and just let advertising slogans or pretty packaging do your thinking for you, that’s what happens.

    And as some have mentioned, I’d much rather see Purina sponsor Y!A than start being charged to use this site. Yahoo! is a business and I don’t blame them at all for taking Purina’s advertising dollars, the same way I wouldn’t blame a TV station I liked for running Purina ads.

  6. I see what you mean… people are already fooled. Some are commenting that Purina isn’t that bad. LOL. Wow. Anyway, it’s totally disappointing to say the least, but I agree that YA just cares about the money from Purina.

  7. Purina has sponsored this site for a while now. It all comes down to dollars.

    This site costs money to run. Yahoo has two choices, charge people to use it, or accept advertisers. Purina is a big company and capable of forking out big money for their ads. I can’t blame yahoo any more than I can blame CBS or Animal Planet for showing purina comericals.

    Yes, they could turn them down from an “ethical” standpoint, but really…other than sell a food that a lot of people think is crappy, why wouldn’t yahoo take the money?

    It comes down to the fact that a company like Blue Buffalo or Taste of the Wild (foods many people reccommend) doesn’t have the money, or inclination to advertise here.

    Also, I really do wonder sometimes if Purina knows how much their food gets bashed openly here… 🙂

  8. ♥ Bichon ♥ Mama

    I don’t like it. I was disappointed when seeing that. I wish all pet owners could know how bad Purina/Beneful, Pedigree, Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet/Hills, and all those are.
    I do agree with the others that raw is best too. But for kibble, I would never trust any of those brands above.

  9. We’ve already been through this here, but it’s all about the $ $ $ . The site needs sponsors to remain free, and since we’re all pet owners, it’s make a lot of sense to advertise Purina here.

    My personal opinion about the product,…. isn’t important 😉

  10. I don’t care that they’ve become a sponser of Y!A. Some dogs actually do good on that food, and I don’t have experience with it so I have no right to say/agree with everything other people say about it.

  11. Its sad.. but that’s what people answering questions are for.. to spread the word about better brands.

    The good brands dont advertise.. they put their profits into better ingredients.. word of mouth gets their customers. Brands like purina can afford to be a sponsor, because they are focusing more on advertisment, rather than ingredients.

    Do keep in mind.. because of sponsors like purina, sites like Yahoo Answers! is FREE for you and I to use. It costs a lot of money to maintain a website, keep it updated, and have tech support to fix all the “bugs”.. if it was not for sponsors, they would have to charge users a fee to use the site.

    Since this site is free to use.. you can freely spread the word about better nutrition!

  12. Dont Litter! Taking a break

    Purina actually does this site, US a favor by allowing us to *freely* give information to other users. Purina in general, isnt a BAD brand at all. I’ve fed it to my dogs numerous times, without issues. I can name MANY other brands that are by far worse than Purina.

  13. Purina isn’t THAT bad. 90% of what people eat is processed food. People say that dogs can’t digest the corn. Yeah, well, people can’t digest corn either and it is a major part of most people’s diets.

    Sorry, but I can’t afford to feed my dog better than I feed myself.

    The only reason my dog isn’t eating Purina still is because she is allergic to corn, which is the one big down fall of Purina, a lot of dogs are allergic to corn. But if your dog isn’t allergic to corn, there is nothing wrong with it.

    You hear all of these stories about dogs who die from corn allergies. Well what about all the dogs that died from liver failure due to too much protein from the meat in the so called “top quality” foods?

    I don’t care that Purina is a sponsor, it means nothing to me.

    I agree with Kaper and Tasha… Sorry for having an opinion that isn’t the norm. I didn’t realize we were social communists here on Y!A.

  14. Chuckles *Tonvat*

    I’m fine, because then using this site is free! *I* usually ignore the ads anyway.

  15. Gabbie LOVES raw meat!

    Most people don’t pay attention to whose sponsoring this. I’m sure Purina is far from the only one. After reading everything I’ve read about kibble, ANY kibble, I would never go back to kibble.

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