Announces Grand Opening and Offers Various Types of Pet Medicines

Pittman & Davis Announces Grand Opening and Offers Various Types of Pet Medicines

(PRWEB) July 28, 2005 announces grand opening and offers various types of pet medicines including vitamins nutritional supplements, dental care, flea and tick and more.

This online super store carries pet medicines for all purposes from training aids to health care. Using the one site shopping service, customers could easily locate all they need in the store for their lovely pets. There are different types of pet medicines in the store, mainly for cats and dogs. Super Kristen uses its clear and detail categorizations and special designed search engine to help users to find special use items.

When people played their cats with hairballs, it could be dangerous if cats swallow hairballs. It might cause cats to constipate, dry cough and occasionally vomit. Fortunately, Super Kristen carries intestinal lubricant for cats to prevent these problems. Just go to “Digestive care” section, this lubricant would show up in the result and users could easily locate it. Then, customers do not have to worry about their cats when they are playing around with hairballs. Also, there are similar goods suitable for dogs in the store to allow people with different pets to enjoy our service.

Consumption of feces is a common but disturbing habit in dogs, even though the cause of this behavior is unknown. People may worry about their dogs’ health if dogs keep performing this behavior. Super Kristen could solve this problem. Users could select “Training aid” category and find a dog coprophagy treatment which could prevent dogs and puppies from consuming their own feces. From now on, when people take their dogs for a walk, they need not to worry about dogs eating their own feces. Their dogs would be clean, healthy and lovely.


Super Kristen proposes to provide broad range of pet goods to customers and become the best online pet shop. Not only pet medicines, Super Kristen also provides toys to pets. For more information, please visit:


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