Support Responsible Pet Owners Month in February with 4AllPromos


Support Responsible Pet Owners Month in February with 4AllPromos

Essex, Ct (PRWEB) January 23, 2012

According to a recent Gallup poll 6 in 10 Americans own some type of pet. February is Responsible Pet Owners Month. Animal shelters, rescue organizations, veterinarian hospitals, pet shops and other pet related organizations should use the month of February to bring awareness to the responsibilities associated with owning a pet. Promotional products from 4AllPromos are the perfect way to promote animal related organizations and create a dialogue about responsible pet ownership.

Visit the 4AllPromos Pet shop to shop for pet bowls, food scoopers, leashes, collars, toys and other friendly pet giveaways all year round. Give pet owners a friendly reminder local animal related businesses and organizations with promotional magnets, key chains, pens, sports bottles or other simple custom imprinted products.

It’s pretty easy to be a responsible pet owner. First off, before you buy a pet, especially a dog or animal that needs special car do research. Search the web, talk to friends and experts about what kind of animals suits you or your family. Pets have their own unique personalities so it’s important to find a good match. Before heading to a pet store or breeder check out the local pound or a rescue organization to check out animals that need a safe home. There are thousands of animals across the United States that need homes so do your part and rescue an animal in need.

It’s important to be educated about the proper ways to care for a pet. Some pets, especially dogs, should go to some kind of training so that a proper relationship with it’s’ owner can be established. It’s much easier to handle a pet if you know what the pet needs and/or wants.

Just like humans animals need to eat a healthy and well balanced diet. Consult a vet about what type of food your animal should be eating. Puppies need different food from grown dogs and special breeds sometimes need specific food. Some processed dog foods can upset a dog’s stomach and just like humans it’s often best to go organic. Try not to let animals eat table food. Animals can have allergies and table food can contribute to weight gain. Make sure all pets have clean drinking water or clean swimming water. Keep pets living space safe and tidy.

Pets can help their owners stay fit. Many pets need exercise. Dogs should get the opportunity to run around and play for about an hour a day. Give pets enough room to move around and play with toys, scratching posts, wheels or whatever else they may need to stay healthy.

Promotional products can help spread awareness in the community about the importance of caring properly for domesticated animals. It is a crime to neglect or harm an animal. Many animals have suffered neglect during these tough economic times as families struggle to keep their homes and feed themselves. 4AllPromos wants to help bring awareness to responsible pet ownership by encouraging animal organizations, businesses and non-profits to market this nationally recognized campaign with promotional products.

For more on pet-friendly promotional products visit or call toll-free 1-866-732-3386. 4AllPromos is the leading internet provider of promotional products including tote bags, sports bottles, apparel, earth-friendly products, school spirit and fundraising items and more.


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