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Question by redstar: Why do pet stores sell “goldfish bowls” if they require so much more than that? I’ve been reading that 1 common little gold fish needs 10-20 gallons of water, due to the fact that they are “dirty” or what have you. I just bought a common gold fish (often called “feeder fish”) Continue Reading

Some Amazing Types of Goldfish

Goldfish are one of the most loved aquarium fishes. They are a particular cultivated type of silver crucial (Carassius auratus). We first here about today’s goldfish from ancient China and dates back to X-XII centuries. It was in China that goldfish were cultivated in ponds in various Buddhist monasteries. Generally a goldfish can be as Continue Reading

Incorrectly feeding your goldfish wrong food or the wrong amount of food is one of the biggest reasons why so many goldfish don’t make it past a few months. It’s highly important that you know exactly what to feed your goldfish and the required amount. Consumption Goldfish will eat almost anything that looks Continue Reading