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Question by : What are some good ideas on how to “sell” our foster cats better? okay, me and my family hope to take a vacation in the fall, but it wont be possible unless we start getting some of our foster cats and kittens, who are living in our home, adopted. Every weekend we Continue Reading


Pets on Facebook: www.facebook.com PETS “A GOOD DAY FOR TELLING LIES” Featured in Renault “La prime à la casse” TVC in 2010 & 2011 all over Europe. © Copyright: Nineteen Eighty Records 2010 www.1980records.se Mix: JF Delort www.jeffdelort.com Directed and animated by Rémy M. Larochelle Produced by Herby Cheng Monestable Production: MONESTABLE STUDIOS remymlarochelle.com/ Label: Continue Reading

Question by : what’s a good “recipe” to force feed my 8lb. cat, how much of what kind of food, how often etc? My poor cat Ringo, a 3rd generation Highlander (ancestry with bobcats) has stopped eating except for stupid junk food treats. He started refusing his Natural Balance kibble in favor of only eating Continue Reading

Question by Pamela L: What is the song/artist on the show “The Unusuals” Lyrics: Some say a bird flew bearing some good news…”? Best answer: Answer by sarrafzedehkhoeeLook here: http://heardontv.com/ Add your own answer in the comments!