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Question by manger99: I was curious if anyone had any info on a bird adoptions. I was particularly interested in an Owl? I have googled ” owl adoptions” but the standard World Wildlife federation pages come up. I was looking more for an actual Owl that will benefit from my contributions…not just $ 50 towards Continue Reading

Question by R.S.: To All Dog + Cat Owners!!!!!!??!?!?!?!? Important Info Concerning animals health? A large number of pet food has been recalled all over the US, Canada and Mexico. Refer to the link below to be sure you arent feeding your pet any of the brands listed. http://www.menufoods.com/recall/index.html once you get on the site, Continue Reading

Question by Evie: I’m making a dog and cat nutrition info e mail. Is this good? Hi I work at a local Pet Smart and I’ve been secretly helping people with pet nutrition. My manager wants them to just buy, buy, buy, but I’ve had enough and I’m helping other make informed decisions. Here is Continue Reading