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Question by volprinting.com: Someone “just bought me as a pet” — I keep getting these messages on MySpace, what is this all about? I keep getting the messages in my email box or my bulletins and there’s usually a link to click on to see “how much they think I’m worth” but when I click Continue Reading

(PRWEB) November 2, 2005 A new and innovative Web site that will publicize the work of new and established authors and make it easy for Webmasters to obtain top-notch articles is up and running and attracting traffic from around the world. The site, www.article-hangout.com, was launched in September and already features 850 articles Continue Reading

Question by I’m kind of a big deal.: Just wanted to warn you of the peanut butter linked to salmonella. Dog treats recall!!!!!? Be safe and don’t give your dog peanut butter or peanut butter type treats! Petsmart is recalling treats with peanut butter in them! Here’s the info…. “”The salmonella outbreak in peanut butter Continue Reading

Question by Ted N: Do you agree with conservatives who tell people w/o insurance, “just go and get a job”? I hear people complaining about not having health insurance, not being able to afford it due to pre-existing condition, but not being poor enough to qualify for state aid or Medicaid and the response that Continue Reading