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Celebrating National Puppy Day by Making Accidents Go Away; Pee Whiz™ Introduces New Products and Scents to Sweeten Life for Pets and Owners Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) March 16, 2012 Pee Whiz™, a pet stain and odor remover product company, will celebrate National Puppy Continue Reading

Question by Elle: Hey, do all of you who love your pets know what goes into the making of commercial pet food? It’s horrid! Believe me, you need to check out these books, AND get your pet onto some real pet food. “Natural Pet Care” by Gary Null, and “Foods Pets Die For: Shocking facts Continue Reading

Question by Evie: I’m making a dog and cat nutrition info e mail. Is this good? Hi I work at a local Pet Smart and I’ve been secretly helping people with pet nutrition. My manager wants them to just buy, buy, buy, but I’ve had enough and I’m helping other make informed decisions. Here is Continue Reading