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Pet Shelter Project PSA – People Park

Pet Shelter Project PSA from 2011 featuring Lauren Ashley Bishop and Paul Emerson. The Shelter Pet Project is a public service ad campaign focused on spreading the word that pets in shelters are wonderful and lovable, and encouraging potential adopters to consider the shelter as the first place to find a new best friend. Video Continue Reading

Question by snottyrotty: how to stop my Jack Rusell from barking at all people and other dogs? i have a pretty newly adopted male, 1 year old JRT. he is good in the house, listens, obeys, does commands fairly well, but the barking at every human being and passing dogs walking by the house with Continue Reading

Question by Annie: Why do people assume show breeders don’t…? Why do people assume show breeders don’t do working events, therapy visits, and/or rescue? I’ve hit this many times — where people accuse show breeders of being snobs, not doing obedience or other “real” activity, and of not doing — or worse yet – being Continue Reading

Question by : what “people food” can domestic pet rats eat? what are the best and worst foods for pet rats (aside from any individual allergies/conditions) in addition to regular pellet diets Best answer: Answer by Real Deal CowGirlhttp://www.petratscanada.com/forbidden_foods.htm there you go,they can eat *almost* anything,but that list will help you out 🙂 What do Continue Reading

Question by VampireDiaries/Transformersfan217: These people are harming my family + pets I already asked but I added more!? Alright. I have a BIG problem with my neighbors. We had very friendly neighbors that helped us after our house burnt down, invited us over for dinner etc. There is a husband a wife two kids and Continue Reading

Question by PuppyLove: Why are supposed “pet lovers” such “people haters” when it comes to answering questions about pets? Best answer: Answer by bee gBecause they are stuck up and care more for animals then humans Give your answer to this question below!