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Question by : What are some good ideas on how to “sell” our foster cats better? okay, me and my family hope to take a vacation in the fall, but it wont be possible unless we start getting some of our foster cats and kittens, who are living in our home, adopted. Every weekend we Continue Reading

Reading: Pet Recipes Wanted: Hello friends,I'm working on a prototype cookbook that we can sell for friends in n… http://bit.ly/foswX2 – by Tiny_TCrss4dogs (Tiny RSS4DogBlogs)

Question by redstar: Why do pet stores sell “goldfish bowls” if they require so much more than that? I’ve been reading that 1 common little gold fish needs 10-20 gallons of water, due to the fact that they are “dirty” or what have you. I just bought a common gold fish (often called “feeder fish”) Continue Reading

On Line Sales Training | How To Sell Door To Door This instant on line video training program is guaranteed to increase sales and profits. Specifically for door to door sales. How to get in, special presentation techniques, door to door closes that work and overcome door to door objections. On Line Sales Training | Continue Reading