Taming my Quaker parrot?


Question by leslielovesjb: Taming my Quaker parrot?
I have a Quaker Parrot that I got a few months ago. His name is Shamrock.

Shamrock was given to me a few months ago from another family.

He loves attention, loves to play, and loves to talk to me.
He will even “lick” my face and pull my hair when I let him.

The only problem is, is that he doesn’t like hands/fingers. When I try to pet him, he immediately attacks and bites. He will come up to my face and sometimes he’ll bite my nose, but that’s rarely. But as soon as he sees a hand he gets aggressive.

There is some trust between us, but I guess not enough. How can I get him to feel safer with me?

We’ve had his wings clipped, and he plays outside of his cage for hours at a time. Sometimes he walks down and off of his cage. Only 3 or four times he had “Stepped Up” onto my finger when he felt insecure “away from his cage” and even when I did get him to step up, he would be unsure about it and step off very quickly. Now when he gets on the floor he runs when he sees hands. He’ll approach you, but will absolutely not let you pick him up. He’s also gotten on top of my head and on my shoulder, before. So he definitely trusts me, but to an extent.

Are there any special exercises or training “techniques” I can do with him? I really want to be able to hold and pet him.

Thanks a ton for any and all serious answers!

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Answer by joewebb
What i did first i cut some small branches and made hand perches I still use today.I used the step up everytime i pick him up.Do this with your finger he will soon get to trust you. Today everytime i pick him up he says step up.Keep playing with him showing him a lot of love.

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  1. You seem as though you’ve formed a bond with Shamrock. He also seems like he has the potential to make a wonderful little companion. 🙂

    Do you know if he was handled in his previous home? If he wasn’t worked with on hand taming, this may be the problem. Also, do you know how old he is? If he is still young, this process will probably be easier, if not it could be a challenge.

    I believe the most you could do if just be patient and work with him. Be very slow with your hands and fingers around him. When he is out, maybe you could sit with your hands out near him and just be still for a little while. If he comes near your hand, slowly praise and award him. Tell him good boy in a calm and sweet tone. Offer him treats like millet, or anything else he likes. This will probably take a good amount of time for him to get down.

    Once he is comfortable around your hands, try to press a finger against his tummy. Be slow and careful not to frighten him though. Say step up, and if he does it, award him with praise and a treat. Keep practicing this until he is comfortable with stepping up. Again, this will probably take some time as well.

    Also, I wouldn’t recommend trying to pet or rub him until he is okay with the presence of your hands. He may think you are trying to hurt him and he may become afraid and feel he must defend himself. To him your hand is probably pretty big, and seeing it over his head or body may be intimidating.

    Biting and nipping may remain a problem throughout this process. It’s never good to scold a bird, but if he bites hard, you could simply say no, and of course, no treats. Once he is comfortable with your hands and being handled, the biting and nipping should stop or slow down at least.

    So try these steps and hopefully everything works out. The best advice I can give you is to just be very loving and patient. Shamrock seems like a great little companion, he just needs a little work. Best of luck to you and Shamrock! 🙂

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