tears trying to come back from past…?

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Question by : tears trying to come back from past…?
i was in my room cleaning and putting stuff away…until i came across a box in my closet.
it had pictures of me in 4th-5th grade. anyway.

i came across a drawing and a photo glued in the Corner.
it was quite dusty.
it was a drawing i had drown in 3ed or 4th grade.
it was a picture of my hamster katie. i almost cried at the sight. and i fell over feeling dizzy.

i thought i had forgotten about Katie.
i ran to the back yard to were there was a patch of soil.
i sat on my knees for a minute or 2 trying to hold back tears and memories.

who is Katie? you ask.
She was my first pet.
lived for 2 years then sadly past away.

Katie was a teddie bear hamster.
multi colored with big black eyes and the cutest way of eating.

she loved trying new things!
she hated my sponge monkey. when i left it there over night he was kind of missing his head! 🙂

anyway i miss her. and i’m trying not to cry.

Katie and i have been threw so much together.
playing Extreme hide and seek. (found her INSIDE the wall! lol)
watching her stuff her nest with clothing tags,
watching her eat noodles to get strawberry yogurt treats.
and after a long day of playing watching her fall asleep on my belly as i sing to her and watch TV together.

she wasn’t just a pet…nor was she just a friend…but a teddy bear hamster sister.

some of you might me all “that’s sop funny!” “how could a hamster be a sister?”
“that’s lame!”
but it’s not!
and if you have a problem were the HECK did you get the nerve to answer the question!?!!
i advise you to leave thank you very much! ;/

anyway do you guys have any advise to getting over this.
that was 4 years ago when it happened…why aren’t i over it.
i can’t help but feeling that i wasn’t trying hard enough to keep her alive longer..
please help?
sorry typo…MORE than 4 years ago…

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Answer by Jimm
crying is a good thing. If you really miss her then get a new one

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3 comments on “tears trying to come back from past…?

  1. Paige Greenberg

    They say the best thing to do when you loose a pet is to get another one. (always works for me!)

  2. Losing a pet can be very hard, especially when we bond with them…I am sorry. 🙁

    This video helped me when my first kitteh passed away, hopefully it will help you.


    My new kitteh says meow, and he wishes you the best, as do I. 🙂

    “When a human lends part of their soul to an animal, that part is forever with them”

  3. I haven’t yet lost a significant pet to death, but I do live with the fact that my dog will probably only live a few more years or months (she’s 13), and I know that when she’s gone I will probably become physically and emotional fragile. She’s MY furry sister, and the way I see it your hamster was your furry sister. You loved her, and she loved you. I’m sure, as any owner would, you did your best to keep her alive for as long as possible; fate just had other plans. I can’t council you on how to get over it (if she was as significant to you as you say she was, then you probably will never get over it; you’ll just find it easier to deal with. and as Jimm suggests you can try to get another one, or try owning another species of pet like a cat or dog.

    Good Luck!

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