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Fort Lauderdale, Florida (PRWEB) March 14, 2012

Pet allergies are a great concern for pet owners, as they hate to see their beloved animals suffer from dog allergies and cat allergies. Canine allergies show up often as hot spots or places where the skin is exposed and raw. You will also suspect an allergy if your dog scratches or licks all the time, has smelly infected ears, or shakes its head a lot.

The same can be said for cat allergies. If your cat scratches or licks all the time, has hot spots or places were the skin is exposed and raw, has smelly infected ears and shakes its head a lot, it’s probably due to allergies.

Most pet owners will strongly prefer a natural dog allergy treatment, and that’s why The Allergy Kit has adapted our unique treatment for dogs and cats. The approach is a natural energetic approach that pet owners can do at home. There are no drugs involved. The Allergy Kit is a method of reprogramming the immune system to respond normally instead of reacting in a negative way. Dog allergies and cat allergies disappear along with the suffering that goes along with it.

According to Dr. Ynge Ljung, acupuncture physician and one of the founders of The Allergy Kit, the secret of The Allergy Kit’s success is in the vials. As Dr. Ljung pointed out, “The vials are used to reprogram the immune system. By deleting the incorrect programming that is causing the symptoms in the first place, we are able to bring these horrible symptoms under control. The kit treats most pet foods, sugars, toxins and heavy metals, vaccinations and vaccines, wheat and gluten and more.”

Dr. Ljung went on to explain that there is a cold laser used in the treatment. The laser repairs the incorrect response and eliminates the scratching and skin problems, digestive problems and strengthens immune system at the same time. And because we change the underlying problem, the allergy symptoms don’t reappear.

Dog allergies and cat allergies can now become a thing of the past, through a proven natural process. And the good news is that treatment can be done at home, which saves a lot of money in veterinarian bills.

The Allergy Kit for canine allergies stops the symptoms in their tracks. It is a dog allergy treatment, and treatment for cat allergies, that takes a couple of minutes and is easy to do. We encourage you to visit our website and watch our demonstration video so you’ll know how The Allergy Kit will work wonders for your pets.

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