These people are harming my family + pets I already asked but I added more!?

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Question by VampireDiaries/Transformersfan217: These people are harming my family + pets I already asked but I added more!?
Alright. I have a BIG problem with my neighbors. We had very friendly neighbors that helped us after our house burnt down, invited us over for dinner etc. There is a husband a wife two kids and two old grandmas. I live on 5 acres and have 7 dogs but two are puppies that are being sold. We’ve always just let our dogs out and they’d run up the mountain and play up there. They don’t actually run away… Just run around. Sometimes they go down our driveway and up the neighbors driveway to visit the neighbors, we didn’t care and they didn’t care. There was no risk there. For about 4 months the neighbors Rottie was sent away. He told us “Yeah my rottweiler just came back from guard dog training.” Once again the neighbors dogs were barking. My sister threw a rock at a giant mill and made a big bang sound and scared the dogs away. After wards for no reason our neighbor walked down the property line with his 100 pound rottweiler and bent down. My dogs all went nuts! My dog and their dog got in a fight. It ended up that the neighbor lied and said my beautiful dog bit him. He had a scratch from the barb-wire… Well the police came up dah dah duh…. Nothing happened. My dads a hunter once the dog was in OUR yard attacking OUR dogs and he fired a gun in the air. Guess what the neighbor said? That my dad threatened to kill him. My dads guns get taken away and the cops pointed a gun at me and my cousins head. Another time my dog (Dicky) was drooling and wouldn’t stop. He also was vommiting and had the runs. We took him to the vet and we learned that he’d been poisoned. Later that day same thing happen to another one of my dogs. Both poisoned by rat poison. Different day. My sister and my baby rottweiler and my 3 year old yorkie/maltese were up the back. The neighbors dog ripped my dog through the fence and ripped his muscle ripped his hide away from his skin or something and the vet bill 1,243.88$ . We called the police (Me and my sister because my mom and dad were at my dads birthday dinner) and they refused to come up.The animal control comes up and tells the neighbors to keep their dogs locked up. Neighbors continued to let their dogs out. Next time. My two puppy’s went to the neighbors with the other dogs that always used to go over there to say hi (This is the first time they’ve been there since the first thing that happened). Only the two old ladies were home. We heard our puppy’s yelping. We run down the road and one of the old ladies is holding her rottie over top of my little dog. We looked up the driveway and an old lady was holding her two dogs collars almost pulling them down making my small dog scream. I yelled “Get your ugly mutts off her!” My dad was already trying to get over the fence. Karmin (my cousin) jumped over with no caution and grabbed the puppy. The old lady kept yelling “TRESPASSING!” but she still got the dog. Still the police refuse to come up. Also the old lady lied and said that there was a dog fight…. Honestly a dog fight? With a 5 pound yorkie/maltese and a 100 pound rottweiler? We had two puppies and the second one (Little Black) wouldn’t come back. My sister and her boyfriend went up there and asked them where our puppy was.. They yelled and screamed at her and she just left. My black puppy came back after dark but I’m pretty sure they had here and just threw her over the fence. My sister got a peace bond put against her so she couldn’t talk to the old ladies. The old lady was peering through the fence and my mom said some stuff to her and they said it was my sister and she went to jail for the night. She now is getting charged for threats which no one even mentioned anything about threatening, and breech of undertaking. She has to go to court on the 27th of July. I want to buy a horse, but if I do think about all the problems with the neighbors then! I’m sick and tired of having to worry every time the neighbors dogs bark. Once the police came up because my sister threw rocks at the mill, once because someone shot a gun and the neighbors said it was us. Its on going… And we are not going to fence in all 5 acres when my dogs have proven that they can get out. SHOULD I TRY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM!?

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Answer by GreyhoundAdopter
Put a suitable fence around your house (you don’t have to fence in all your acres) & keep your dogs safely enclosed in their own yard – where you can watch them.

Letting dogs run loose in the neighborhood is totally unacceptable.

If you are good neighbors yourself and keep your dogs at home – you wouldn’t have these problems. If your dogs die from going over to the neighbor’s and eating rat poision they have put out for rodent control, you are the only one to blame for it.

It is your duty as a dog owner to protect your dogs.

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  1. There are to many dogs and not enough supervision. If you were in Control of your dogs, there is no excuse why they are off of your property. All of them roaming free has already proven to be a problem. Call a layer or something, obviously the police are being biased. Both you and your neighbour care now so prevent it from happening. Spend what ever is necessary to keep them safe. Or you will just be paying more and more vet bills. Put up a fence around your house, and when its time to go for a walk, let the dogs out and stay with them!

  2. you may have to get a dog run to insure the safety of your dogs. you can make it big enough to give them a chance to run and tall enough so that the other dogs stay out if they get on your property. also, if you notice your neighbors dogs on your property, photograph it and call animal control and show them the documentation.

  3. well i would have your parents call the police. tell them wat u wrote here on yahoo answers or show the police the questions you wrote above. if police dont come, do u live in a guarded neighborhood???? if you do call the front gate. theyll come. if you dont then just move or keep AWAY from them.

  4. MOVE.

  5. I just don’t understand why you still allow your dogs to go over there if they have been poisoned and attacked.. I would recommend getting a better fence or an electric fence. Your neighbors are psycho and I cannot believe that anyone would ever want to harm an animal. I don’t know what you can do, it seems to me that you have tried all you can.


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