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tmnt old v new e15 talking about the 2012 turtles news

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  1. they need to put Bebop and Rocksteady in the new show and in a new movie. And make them a bit smarter. And bring back Slash and Irma. : )

  2. @Toma00 You’re kidding, right?


    cool man I cant wate you want to talk about it with me some time?

  4. @duderme Well, I liked the Archie’s comic version of Slash. He had abetter story and he wasn’t stupid like in the tv show. Adn Bebop and Rocksteady were pretty cool.

  5. TMNT 2003 rocks, but this will be the lamest show on earth

  6. if i and my friwnd do a TMNT series wil be 1.000.000 times beter from TMNT 2012

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