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If an action is followed by praise or reward, after a period of time an animal will learn to repeat this action. This simple theory applies in training your pet to efficiently use The Pet Loo. Training a puppy to use The Pet Loo is as simple as applying basic toilet training principles. Place your pet on the Loo at toilet time. Puppies usually relieve themselves after a sleep, after they eat and after a play session. Younger puppies may need to urinate as frequently as every 30 mins. Keep your pet on The Pet Loo until it relieves itself Praise your pet when it does so. Repetition of this action will eventuate in an animal trained to use the Pet Loo. Training an older dog to use the pet loo may take a little more time and patience but if you invest the time, you will reap the rewards. Some dogs may instantly take to the Loo and toilet on it from the word go while others may need a little extra help. More:

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