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The holidays are quickly approaching. Holiday festivities can be a hectic time for us, but they are often pure anxiety and stress in pets. Family pets are so much a part of our daily lives that this shouldn’t be surprising. The holidays are a time for travel for many families. The traveling family risks one of two options for pets. The pet left behind often experiences pet separation anxiety. However, I have often had the uncomfortableness of traveling with an anxious dog.

Another source of anxiety and stress for pets during the holidays are the visitors that stay at there home. All pet lovers have experienced the territorial protective pet. This behavior can be awkward and annoying, even when they are being protective of the family. It should be mentioned, that during the holidays this behavior might be reflective of our own masked feelings, if the behavior is displayed towards our mate’s family members or members of our own family that we aren’t exceptionally pleased to see. I have often witnessed anxiety and stress in pets being radiated outward from their owners.

The holidays are often during the period of weather storms. Storms are another creator of anxiety and stress in pets. This creates a duel stressor for an anxious dog. The 4th of July is also an extremely raised level for anxiety and stress in pets because of the fireworks.

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