V: Show on ABC, What is going on with that show?


Question by Erica M: V: Show on ABC, What is going on with that show?
First of all the Visitors are suppose to be reptilian humanoids so I don’t know how some of them are falling in love with humans in the first place. I can understand why a human would fall in love with a Visitor, because the Visitor look like humans since they are wearing human skin to protect their true identify. But many of us aren’t attract to creatures out of our species. I have yet to find someone whom practices besitality. Most people find it down right disgusting so I really don’t get how some of the Visitors are getting busy with humans like Ryan. But Ryan probably isn’t sexual draw to his girlfriend since he is still a talking reptile under the human skin. So basically he still will be physical drawn to a reptile, because he still is one. I can understand if Visitors true form was similar to human, but it’s not. Reptiles and humans don’t look nothing alike. So maybe he is looking pass her outter shell and is draw to her soul. But no matter how you spin it, it is still besitality. I don’t care how intellient that species is I don’t roll that way. I mean I’m open for friendship but that’s how far it will ever go. I’m fine with sticking with humans.

Second of all how is Ryan’s girlfriend pregnant with his baby when both of them aren’t even the same species. Ryan is a visitor so he is pretty much a walking reptile wearing human skin. I don’t care how many times he have sex with her it’s impossible for him to impregnant her. Maybe Anna has something to do with that. But really why would she do that I thought that they just wanted Earth for the resources and then were going to bomb it when they were done with. But maybe they are trying to take over Earth by impregnanting female humans with reptilian humanoids sperm using the women as carryers for the reptilian humanoids’ babies without them knowing it. Then if that was the case then they probably been doing that for a long time. But why was Ryan so happy when his girlfriend told him the “good news” since he already knows what Anna is up to unless he was falsing a smile just for his girl.

All my V: fans do you have any thoughts on this?
mortal_kombat8_kabal: Believe me, I wasn’t thinking about besitality either until I went on Hulu and people were having a discuss about it. She just got pregnant in the lastest episode.
Supercoolyo: Yeah she could be cheating on him, but I think Anna had something to do with it. You remember when the Visitors catch Ryan, FBI agent Erica, that pastor guy Jack, and some other guy in that building before they destroy the flu medicine. Visitors knows all about them being involve in that accident, because the Visitors send one of their men to stab the Jack at the end in the church. So I know they are out for revenage. Ryan’s girlfriend was told she was pregnant by Anna’s crew, so I’m sure that Anna had something to do with it. Remember when Anna’s crew told Chad that he was going to die in a couple of months I don’t think that true. I think the Visitors are just lying to the humans just to get them to take medicine. Remember that the Visitors were trying to put something in their flu medicine that the rest of them had to destroy most of it expect the one Erica took.
It’s kind of fishing how the Visitors claim to be trying to help “cure” them. I think that the Visitors are trying to change the humans and is probably impregnanting all the female whom come up in there. I swear it seem like the Visitors are trying to make hybrids to take over the Earth.

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Answer by mortal_kombat8_kabal
I guess the question is were they able to replicate our bodies all the way down to the sperm lol. I didn’t know she was pregnant … I too thought about the sexual interaction between species, it’s just weird. Do they have sexual relations like we do so the only thing that’s different is it’s wearing human skin while doing the deed. Either way it’s disturbing to think about. I’ve been trying to watch the show without thinking about that you know with suspension of disbelief but now you’ve asked the question lol. Will the bay be a v or human either answer is mind boggling.

Edit* Yeah i havn’t had a chance to watch the latest episode yet thanks for the spoiler lol!

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  1. I keep wondering if Ryan’s girlfriend is also a V and neither knows (or didn’t until she got pregnant) that the other is not human. It would make a good twist – she’s loyal and he’s a traitor, or both are fifth column.

  2. I wasn’t born to see it on TV, but the same thing happened in the original series, a human woman gets pregnant by a male V. I’ll try and find the Youtube video later for you. As for the falling in love part, the V’s have similar intelligence, so I guess we could fall in love with them and vice versa. But Ryan’s girlfriend and Tyler are in for a big shock when they learn they’re attracted to lizards!

    EDIT: Okay the link won’t work, search on Youtube “V baby scene” and it’s the first one. Also, just so you know apprently this was very strong for the 80s, and the green one dies a bit after I think. Hope you can find it!

  3. Did you not see his reaction to it? He had a fake smile when she was looking, and when he hugged her he looked upset/mad… Considering everything, I think the fact that she is pregnant proves that she cheated on him, and he’s upset. Seems like an obvious one to me…?

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