Was this the right path?


Question by animal lvr 3: Was this the right path?
I love animals and wish I could save them all, I actually have rescued a dog once. My actions in this situation set the bar so high that every time I see what could be a homeless or abandoned animal and don”t rescue it (not to necessarily keep) I feel like a failure in a way. Last night at my workplace, which is located in a rather poor neighborhood, was just such an instance.

A security guard that knows I love animals tied up a small dog that had wandered into the gate( it had been there for two days before ) called me in my office and asked if I wanted it. I don’t think I ever told him that I “wanted” any of the stray dogs around, just that I wished I could feed them once in a while.

I already have a total of 5 pets, which include an older dog who is experiencing some health issues. I really have no room to foster. I do own a farm and could use the old house as a holding place, but I would have to drive there every day for almost an hour both ways, which could get exhausting. Plus I also have been involved in a cat rescue project at my farm which has entailed relocating, spaying and neutering almost 18 cats. I will be keeping them there but I have been frantically trying to get them all trapped and fixed before any kittens are born. My husband is not keen on fostering.

Another thing is that I am planning on trying for and having a baby in the near fututre. For one reason or another this goal has been put off so many times by various life interruptions. I’m 37 and don’t want to put it off any longer. I guess I feel that another dog rescue could be stressful and there would be no guarantee I would find a shelter or an adopter right away, although I do have a pile or rescue websites I printed off the internet. I feel that all the work/stress that a rescue on my own could could cause me to put things off again. I feel the cat rescue project has pushed the timeline back further for a baby since I have been so focused on the cats. I know people might find it difficult to understand why I would have trouble focusing on trying for a baby while involved in a rescue.

So anyway I was sort of put on the spot. I told the guard that I didn’t think I could do anything for it. It was sorta busy and I couldn’t really have gotten up to look at it then. I suppose I could have made time, but I was not sure about this. He then released the dog from the gate and shooed it off, someone said. From what people said it was a relatively nice dog, but obviously a stray although not terribly thin.

I feel sad that I did not rescue, but it’s too late unless I see it sometime. Is my path understandable that I turned down a rescue that was literally almost handed to me? I have always thought that God or the universe would use me again and many believe there are no coincidences. But another part of me feels I made a wise decision to put my own needs first.

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Answer by B!nd!
I think you are doing a very noble thing in trying to rescue all of the animals that need help that you can find.
But this can be very taxing on you.
You have done plenty to help as many animals as you possibly could, and there is no reason why you should feel guilty for turning away one of the animals that come your way.

Sometimes you just have to put your own needs first- it is only human. If you rescued absolutely everything that needed help the reality is that you would be run down with animals, broke from feeding them, supplying medical expenses, and you would have to put everything else in your life on hold.

You have already said that you have put your family and your personal needs on hold to help animals- it is time to focus on this, now. How would you feel 10 years in the future if you havent been able to have children yet? Relieved that at least you saved many pets? Or upset that you have missed your chance to start a family?
I know that I would rather take the chance and complete my life, even though rescuing is my passion.
Sometimes you cant do absolutely everything- and you are not at fault for this.

Next time maybe you can take the dog to a humaine society? You will have done something to ensure that the animal is off the streets, not starving, and not at risk of injury, disease, etc- but you put the animals life in the hand of caring people who are doing the best they can for a job.
Even if the animal is euthenased- at least it is not on the streets and adding to the problem.

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