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Fox News has been the darling of live news coverage for cable television for some time now. The other networks like CNN and MSNBC are a distance behind and growing.  Fox has attracted the interests of many Americans as they tune in every day and night to hear a more conservative side of news media from news commentators who individually have a solid growing audience.

Cable news has never been so popular as it is now.  With the election of President Obama it seems as if people that never watched news are watching the news.  It also seems as if more and more Americans and others around the world are keeping up with everything going on with the government and their decisions in running this country.  This country has some huge financial issues along with many other issues which has kept millions of Americans glued to their tv sets like never before.

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CNN and Fox News have been the major players in cable tv for years but it seems that MSNBC has suddenly bypassed CNN to take over 2nd place right behind Fox News.  When you look at the ratings though, 2nd place and 3rd place are still miles behind the surging Fox News who is dominating cable news.  They have at least 4 times as many viewers as the other CNN and MSNBC and in some of their tv programs they have 5 and 6 times the viewers.  It is amazing how much influence they have.

Fox News is definitely a conservative network with conservative views but these viewpoints are expressed daily by well known commentators who have catapult Fox News to the stature that they are today.  Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly are the all stars of the network who are not being matched by the other networks within their time slot.  More Americans according to the ratings are tuning in to see these particular Fox News personalities daily and giving the Fox News the boost they have been enjoying for a few years now.

Fox News receives their fair share of criticism but it does not prevent news fans from watching Fox News.  They have been the focal point of news since President Obama has been in office and they are not going anywhere.  They will definitely be around to report the news their way and be the leaders in the cable news era.


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