Wellness Pet Food, natural food for pets

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  2. aleciamichael927

    three of those five reasons were why I had to bring my cat to the vet. I almost lost him because of a poor diet when I thought he was getting a healthy diet. Meow Mix healthy choice was what I was giving him and it had wheats in it…my vet told me that wheats are NOT to be fed to cat because it can block up there bladder, which was what happened to my poor cat. Luckily I got him to an emergency vet and they saved his life!

  3. aleciamichael927

    The vet also recommended Wellness cat food to me because it was natural and thats what they feed their patients when pet parents have to leave them overnight. I’ve been feeding Squash Wellness food for the past month and I must say that I’m amazing at how healthy and energized he has becomed. I’ve NEVER seen him this energized before and hes a senior cat. I recommend Wellness to all pet parents! Its great and your pet will LLLOOOVVVEEE it!! 😀

  4. dogsarebetter

    My 10 year old dog eats Wellness CORE original and I’m so happy with it!

  5. Wellness core, my dog loves it she eating it right now.

  6. I hate this guy just because he was paid to say what he is saying and for my its a good enough reason to not buy the product.

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