What are some best pet “pair” names?

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Question by Asked: What are some best pet “pair” names?
My sister ad I are getting two ferrets, a boy and girl, and I am looking for pair names for them.

I already have in the running..
-Sugar and Spice*
-Lilo and Stich
-Vanilla Sugar and Cappuccino*
-Simba & Nala<3 -Soapsy & Bubbles<3 -Jane & Tarzan -Lunar & Solar -Danny & Sandy -Chandler & Monica<3 -July & August<3 -Kit & Kaboodle* -Lilo & Stitch -Dora & Boots -Yin(feminie) & Yang(masculine)<3 -Sweet & Sour -Mix & Match<3 -Sun & Shine -Cinderella & Charming* -Oliver & Miley* I put a '<3' next to my personal faves and a '*' next to my sisters. Anything along those lines that's creative and original would be great. If you can't come up with any new ones, put your top3 down for voting!! Best answer:

Answer by Tiff
salt and pepper! 🙂

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  2. chip/bud
    riot /kaos

  3. I like Kit and Kaboodle. I also like “boots” as a name, but I’m not crazy about the homage to Dora the Explorer.

    New ideas . . . you want names the work for m/f couples?
    Try these:
    Milk and Cereal
    Peanut Butter and Jelly *
    Jam and Toast
    Zeus and Hera
    Meg and Hercules
    Aeneas and Dido *
    Romeo and Juliet
    Beauty and The Beast
    Aladdin and Jasmine
    Ebony and Ivory
    Mickey and Minnie
    Jack and Dianne *
    Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head
    Jack and Jill
    Kanga and Roo

    * my favorites

    EDIT: Peter & Wendy and Flit & Meeko are great!!!

  4. mini horse lover

    girl boy

    bonny and clyde
    penny and poppi
    nickle and dime
    daisy and duke

    i could go on

  5. Beauty and Beast
    Daisy and Duke
    Daisy and Duke
    splosh and splash
    Lucy and Ricky
    thing 1 and thing 2
    adam and eve

    go to this web site and check out all these twin names 🙂

  6. mix and match
    sweet and sour
    chicken and pork

  7. Merry & Pippin
    Jesse (Jessie) & James
    Butch & Cassidy
    Ebb & Flow
    Tracy & Link
    Peter & Wendy
    Perdy (Perdita) & Pongo
    Roger & Anita
    Duchess & Thomas
    Kiara & Kovu
    Jack & Sally
    Gizmo & Gremlin
    Sid & Nancy
    Flit & Meeko

    i love Kit & Kaboodle!
    very cute 🙂

    Let us know what you decide to name them

  8. SIMBA AND NALA is so cute.

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