What are you getting your “canine” baby for christmas?

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Question by mrs. robinson: What are you getting your “canine” baby for christmas?
I have a new golden retriever baby. We treat our pets like our children, would it be appropiate to wrap a gift for my canine baby? Have you ever bought a gift for your canine baby?

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Answer by hope86
I don’t wrap gifts for my dogs but i get them one every year (new toys, collars, leads and bedding)

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9 comments on “What are you getting your “canine” baby for christmas?

  1. have given gifts to my cqnine babies.never wrapped them just gave them to them on christmas day.

  2. I always do little things for all my animals, usually a toy and a few treats for each of them, plus maybe a new collar/”bling” for the three cats and dog. I think this year I’ll get the usual toy, treats and collar for the cats, a new wheel and treats for my hamster, and my “canine baby” (who’s almost 10) will probably get a retractable leash (since she needs one anyway). Since it’s cold and she’s small I might make her a new sweater and booties so we can still go on walkies. I don’t usually giftwrap, but a golden retriever might have fun unwrapping it if it’s wrapped loosely.

  3. I got a little stocking for our dog. I was planning on getting her one of those noisy squeaking toys. Maybe her own little blanket too. She loves playing under a blanket trying to get our feet…lol. I am going to take her to Petco so I cna get a better idea though.

  4. Mines not really a baby anymore, she’s just over 3 which is still quite young lol. But anyway…We’re getting her a lil reindeer costume and a new bed 😀 (and yup we are wrapping it)

  5. planet dog orbee balls. its the only thing they cant destroy and they love them

  6. 07_ShelbyGT500

    Yes, I’ve always gift wrappred my doggies gifts.

  7. She’s getting bullysticks (in bulk), squeaky toys, a Buster Cube, and other treats. Her birthday and Christmas are in the same month, so we’re just buying everything together. It’s her first birthday and our first Christmas with her!

    She eats raw, so I’m getting her a huge pork leg for her birthday and a meat cake (made with ground beef and mashed potatoes). For Christmas, she’s getting a Cornish game hen.

  8. Yes, it’s perfectly alright to give your baby a gift! I give my dogs gifts, my mom gives them gifts, and I’m getting the members of my close family that have dogs little gifts. The dogs have no idea…but it’s fun for us humans and it doesn’t hurt anyone, so why not?

    I bought some celaphane…I’m going to buy some treats and wrap a handful in the celaphane for all the family dogs! Just something simple and cheap that all the dogs can enjoy (we have all sizes ranging from chi to great dane!)

  9. A huge bone, he loved it.
    Worked on it all night.

    I wouldn’t go as far as gift-wrapping, but that’s just me.
    Many people do wrap their pet’s gifts.

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