What can I do to make my cat not so skittish?

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Question by : What can I do to make my cat not so skittish?
He’s 1 year old, and he bits, scratches, and claws at me. He needs some proper training but I don’t have time to take him to a “pet school.”

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Answer by Rachel
give him lots of experience around other animals and people. he is just nervous and acts out that way because he doesn’t have the experience of knowing how to act around them. putting him around other animals will give him that and if he acts out towards them, they will correct the bad behavior for him by giving him a lesson :p

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  1. my freinds kitten/cat use to do this, what they did was turned the house light of and wached tv about 6.00/7.00 and made the room comfturble and sprayed catnip spray on the carpit(dosent smell) and on the blanket. they cuddled the cat and had a quest evening, it showed the cat that he was loved and he should relax more 🙂

    hoped this hellped

  2. Try being patient with him, give him respectable distance and allow him to know that you aren’t going to hurt him. Take small steps at a time to touch, hold, or anything with him. Try with simple pets, but don’t just go to him head on fast and sudden, this will only scare him more. Once he is use to you being there and petting him, then try to pet him a bit more, slowly adding maybe a light hug just to get him use to being in your arms in a way, or closer to you. Over time when he is better and not so scared, you can then start holding him for short periods of time. Continue this and he will eventually be better, it may take some time, or shorter.

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