What can I use to keep my cats off the leather couch?

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Question by Me: What can I use to keep my cats off the leather couch?
I have a black leather couch, and recently found a couple holes in it, which must have been from my 2 cats.

They don’t try to jump on the couch when people are in the room, so they must be getting on there when no one’s around.
This eliminates using a spray bottle with water, which I’ve heard works well. Is there anything else I could spray directly on the couch to keep them off?

I do have have a “Petastic No Chewing Pet Training Aid,” but I assume it won’t stop them from going on, only chewing.

If anyone knows a way that won’t harm the leather and keeps them off, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by karren_pendergrass
if there are only a couple of small holes,it sounds like your cats just got caught up in the moment playing.get them a tunnel or a cat house with a scratching post,and this will give them something new to play on,and scratch.

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5 comments on “What can I use to keep my cats off the leather couch?

  1. Hi

    I had the same problem with my cat too.

    I got him a very comfortable bed and sprayed Cat Nip on the bed and he wouldn’t lay off it!!!


    Ask yo local pet store for some spray that cats don’t like (e.g Lemon or Lime scent) and spray it on your sofa’s…

    You will also get a refreshing smell to your room!!!

  2. I don’t know how to keep them off but I do know what I use with my two cats to keep them from clawing things: Soft Claws/Soft Paws. They are rubber caps that go on the claws. No more claw marks. It takes a little effort to put them on the cat but it’s worth it and not that bad, especially if you have hard to train animals. You can find them at most pet stores.

    Leather is hard not to mess up, most things I’ve seen as deterrents are sprays, and I’ve heard that most of them do not work…

    Good luck!

  3. Cut cats nails regularly. Lay a fresh piece of tin foil on the couch. Cats are smart if you forget one time they’ll go right on it again.

  4. I am posting a link to what I found extremely effective. If the cat simply walks on it, it completes a circuit, and the alarm goes off. They don’t try it twice. One advantage of what I am posting is that it doesn’t chew up battery usage, as electrostatic mats do, and is not terribly expensive, and can be turned off and moved when you are using the couch.

    If your sofa is the wrong width for that mat, they have electrostatic mats offered on the same site.

  5. Mouse traps

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